I am a designer and artist who is passionate about printmaking. In 2014, I realized the dream of building my own studio, and have since refocused on making art.

Childhood summers in the fields, farms, streams, and woods of Vermont instilled in me a love for the natural world and its seasons — as well as a respect for the history of place and things. My parents returned from a long stay in Japan when I was a child, bringing prints, fans, ceramics, fabric, paper, boxes, and books. Their exquisite color, line, shape, balance, and proportion made a deep and lasting impression on me. 

My environment, both natural and built, is where I begin my artistic exploration and imaginings. An attitude of mindful observation, and the Japanese aesthetic/spiritual principles of "Wabi-Sabi", appreciation of nature, rustic simplicity, impermanence, imperfection, intuition guide me. 

I love the unpredictability of hand-pulled prints and try to bring a sense of play to my art making. I also enjoy using my camera to capture the many interesting compositions I see about me. 

Inside you there's an artist you don't know about... Say yes quickly if you know — if you've known it from before the beginning of the universe.  - RUMI